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FAQ on Wagyu

What is Wagyu and what Calf Species are considered Wagyu?

Wagyu is indeed a Japanese phrase that means “Japanese Cow/Beef.” The title is a reference to beef derived from certain breeds of livestock established across history in Japan beginning in the late 1800s.

The following cow breeds are classed as wagyu types:

  • Japanese Brown
  • Japanese Shorthorn
  • Japanese Polled
  • What is the distinction between Wagyu and Kobe Beef?

Wagyu refers to any marbling beef derived from any of the 4 breeds of cattle mentioned above. Kobe is a direct parallel to a particular Japan’s numerous wagyu trademarks. The majority of wagyu is labeled and promoted with obvious ties to the location in which it is made. Kobe beef is named after the town of Kobe in western Japan where it is manufactured. Contrary to popular belief, the term “Kobe” does not refer to all marbling cattle. The Wagyu beef can be obtained from the wagyu shop.

  • How many Wagyu trademarks are there, and where does Mirai gets its Wagyu from?

There are 131 wagyu brands in Japan, according to the Japanese Beef Data Service Department, and that just includes trademarks originating from the Japan Black wagyu strain. Mirai obtains its wagyu from the southern island of Kyushu’s Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures.

  • Which WAGYU Type IS Known to Have Been the Finest?

It’s difficult to pick a clear winner. The tasting experience with wagyu all around Japan has taught everybody that the location makes good wagyu meat, and the variation in flesh grade between both the finest and the others is minor. If evaluating contests is a mark of quality, the Annual Cattle Capability Exhibition, sometimes referred to as the “Wagyu Olympics,” would be an excellent starting point. The contest in Japan every five years chooses the finest wagyu in two main classifications: flesh grade & breed ability/fertility. The most recent tournament was held in the autumn of 2017, with 513 livestock from 39 regions competing, including cows representing Miyazaki (top awards for quality meat) and Kagoshima (top honors for best overall) was always on the top.

  • ARE THERE ANY Medical Benefits TO WAGYU?

Completely! One of the most common misconceptions regarding wagyu is it has a lot of striping. The opposite is true. The marbling is what gives wagyu its distinct health benefits. In contrast to the nutrition and iron levels found in beef, most of the fats in wagyu are composed of single fatty acids such as Omega 3s and 6s, which decrease cholesterol. According to some studies, wagyu contains 30 percent more “healthy fat” than Angus beef.